Store Performance Dashboard - Data Bloo

The Key Elements of A Store Performance Dashboard

A store performance dashboard has become a necessity for all retail stores. If you own an online retail store, it is important to be able to analyze its performance. From checking the number of visitors your site is receiving every … Read More

Google Looker Studio Parameters - Data Bloo

4 Ways to use Looker Studio Parameters

Google Looker Studio parameters are one of the many interesting features that can help you customize your reports. The Looker Studio parameters are used with data visualizations to make your reports even more engaging for the viewers. If you find … Read More

How to Build A Marketing Funnel Template - Data Bloo

How to Build A Marketing Funnel Template?

Marketing funnel templates for Google Data Studio can make things easier for you. A marketing funnel can provide essential insight into the leads and buyers’ responses. It has become critical for companies to monitor their investments, consumer behaviors, and which … Read More

Measuring Content Performance in Data Studio - Data Bloo

Measuring Content Performance in Data Studio

Intro to content Performance Content is the king – We all know that. But if you can’t evaluate its effectiveness, how do you know your content’s value? For every new piece of content, you should be able to answer the question, … Read More

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Free GA4 Audit & Checklist – How to run a Google Analytics 4 Audit

Google recently announced that Universal Analytics (UA) will eventually be replaced by the newest version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics 4). This post covers the elements of your Google Analytics 4 Checklist and how to run a GA4 audit using … Read More

Data Bloo - How to create a Heat Map with Data Studio

How to create a Heat Map with Data Studio

What is a Heat Map? Heat Map is an amazing way to discover what your users are clicking and how they are navigating your website. Especially, if you have many elements such as buttons and forms on your website, a … Read More

How to track your website speed performance on Data Studio - Data Bloo

How To Track Your Website Speed Performance

The website speed performance is one of the most important success factors for the ecommerce businesses today. Every marketeer should have a dashboard with all the key speed metrics in one place. By using our website speed dashboard, you are … Read More