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Data Studio Reports for Agencies

Are you looking for Data Studio Reports for Agencies? You are in the right place. Modern agencies should differentiate themselves and improve client relationships with aesthetically pleasing reports rather that boring templates in Excel or Power Point. Whether it’s web … Read More

Data Bloo - How to create a Heat Map with Data Studio

How to create a Heat Map with Data Studio

What is a Heat Map? Heat Map is an amazing way to discover what your users are clicking and how they are navigating your website. Especially, if you have many elements such as buttons and forms on your website, a … Read More

Enhanced Ecommerce Drop off Product - Data Bloo

Enhanced Ecommerce Drop Off Rate Per product

Find out which of your products have high or low drop off rates (abandonment) in the conversion path and at which step, so that you can optimize your Ecommerce flow accordingly? This post shows how to identify trends in the … Read More

9+ Data Studio Templates for Ecommerce - Data Bloo

9+ Data Studio Templates for Ecommerce

Want to tell great stories about the performance of your Ecommerce? You can use these Data Studio templates in order to automate your reporting process and get actionable insights about your overall digital activity. 1) Google Analytics Audit Data Source: Google … Read More

How to track your website speed performance on Data Studio - Data Bloo

How To Track Your Website Speed Performance

The website speed performance is one of the most important success factors for the ecommerce businesses today. Every marketeer should have a dashboard with all the key speed metrics in one place. By using our website speed dashboard, you are … Read More