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Data Studio Reports for Agencies - Data Bloo

Data Studio Reports for Agencies

Table of Contents Focusing on KPIs Combining multiple sources Ecommerce Performance Organic Search Presence Paid Search Activities All-in-one Solution Are you looking for Data Studio Reports for Agencies? You are in the right place. Modern agencies should differentiate themselves and … Read More

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Reasons to use Data Studio in 2022 - Data Bloo

Reasons to use Data Studio in 2022

Table of Contents Data Source Connection Customized Dashboards Dynamic Reporting Easily To Share Reports Ready To Use Templates We found 6 reasons to used Data Studio in 2022. Google Data Studio is a free data visualization tool that helps you build … Read More

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Data Bloo - How to create a Heat Map with Data Studio

How to create a Heat Map with Data Studio

Table of Contents What is a Heat Map? Heat Map using Google Data Studio The Key Elements of a Heat Map Heat Map Examples The Benefits of a Heat Map Who Needs A Heat Map Tool? What is a Heat … Read More

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Enhanced Ecommerce Drop off Product - Data Bloo

Enhanced Ecommerce Drop Off Rate Per product

Table of Contents What Is the Ecommerce Drop Off Rate How To Create The Drop Off Rate Per Product Important Insights For Your Products Find out which of your products have high or low drop off rates (abandonment) in the … Read More

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9+ Data Studio Templates for Ecommerce - Data Bloo

9+ Data Studio Templates for Ecommerce

Want to tell great stories about the performance of your Ecommerce? You can use these Data Studio template in order to automate your reporting process and get actionable insights about your overall digital activity. 1) Google Analytics Audit Data Source: Google … Read More

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How to track your website speed performance on Data Studio - Data Bloo

How To Track Your Website Speed Performance

Table of Contents 1. What are the top speed metrics 2. How fast is your website 3. What are the high & low performing pages in terms of speed 4. What devices / browsers / OS affect the load time … Read More

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Branded And Non Branded Organic Keywords - Data Bloo

How to Group Branded And Non-Branded Organic Keywords

Table of Contents What are Branded and Generic Keywords How to Group Brand and Non-Branded Keywords Insights about Brand and Generic Traffic It’s important to monitor the volumes of your branded and non branded keywords and identify if the majority … Read More

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Long tail Keywords on Google Data Studio - Data Bloo

Long tail Keywords on Google Data Studio

Table of Contents What Are The Long Tail Keywords? How to Track The Long Tail Keywords? Insights about Long Tail Keywords Discover new sources of organic search traffic by analyzing queries with relatively low search volume and competition levels. Use … Read More

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