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Neil Patel
Neil Patel
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“Looking to track or present your Google Search Console results? This Google Data Studio report template from Data Bloo makes it easy to see where you stand in one dashboard. ”
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“With this template you can, among other things, analyze the performance of your keywords, view your page rankings on Google and monitor the current status of your Search Console KPIs with one click.”
Kaushik Avinash
Kaushik Avinash
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“It is a good GDS use case concept that you can apply in your dashboards, and has some interesting KPIs as well.”
Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch
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"These templates are great for getting started, or for creating reports in a hurry. All you need to do is select the template that you want to use and then customize it to match your needs. It’s really that simple.”
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“This dashboard provides a detailed, in-depth look at how users are engaging and interacting with your ECommerce store. This was the most complete example of an ECommerce management dashboard that we could find.”
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Translating your marketing data into business decisions

We offer user friendly dashboards that allow businesses to make the most of their data

Ease Of Use

Our dashboards are built to reduce complexity and provide clarity


Our solutions communicate data with as little distraction as possible


Our well designed templates answer your frequently asked questions at a glance

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Value For Money

Our interactive reports reduce the cost of your marketing efforts

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Marketing Data

Connecting the dots using different data sources

Bring marketing data from different sources into Looker Studio dashboards and turn your analysis into action.

Generating reports in minutes

Build your reports quickly and easily with our One Click Setup feature, simplifying the configuration process and saving you valuable time and energy.
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