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Translating your marketing data into business decisions

We offer user friendly dashboards that allow businesses to make the most of their data

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Our dashboards are built to reduce complexity and provide clarity


Our solutions communicate data with as little distraction as possible


Our well designed templates answer your frequently asked questions at a glance

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Our interactive reports reduce the cost of your marketing efforts

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Marketing Data

Connecting the dots using different data sources

Bring marketing data from different sources into Data Studio dashboards and turn your analysis into action.
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Select from a wide range of interactive dashboards and empower your data.


Move to Google Analytics 4 with zero stess


Find templates for your ecommerce revenue


Monitor the performance of your website overall


Discover marketing templates for your paid activities


Check your performance on the organic search engines

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What clients are saying

“You can find a lot of SEO dashboards templates for Google Data Studio but Data Bloo is just one level above the others. On top of that, their support and expertise are just great.”
Jeremy Kaiser
SEO & Organic Lead, Lemonade Inc.
“Its been hard to find a pre-worked template that covers everything (and more!) that I need from a site performance dashboard without having to spend hours creating something from scratch.”
Carolyne Larkin
Digital Solutions Analyst, Travel Counsellors
“Data Bloo has super top notch quality reports with really innovative ideas but still keeps things super simple. I really admire their work.”
Eric Barnes
Founder, Symbiosis Marketing

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