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GA4 Audit

Try our free Google Analytics 4 audit and improve the quality and accuracy of your data with 25+ actionable checks.

Google Analytics 4 Audit - Data Bloo
GA4 Audit Tool - Data Bloo
Google Analytics 4 Data

Audit your GA4 account in 4 seconds

Get actionable insights for configuration issues in your GA4 property. The audit includes the following categories:

✔️ General Configuration
✔️ Custom Tracking
✔️ Marketing Channels
✔️Ecommerce Set Up

General Configuration

Demographics and interests data, not set & broken pages, enhanced measurement, query parameters, PII, and abnormal engagement rate

Custom Tracking

Custom events and value, conversions, content grouping, internal site search, custom audiences and user ID

Marketing Channels

Self referrals, unassigned traffic, direct channel, custom campaigns, Google Ads linking and not set campaigns

Ecommerce Set Up

Ecommerce tracking & revenue, duplicate transactions, bank referrals, enhanced ecommerce events, not set brands and products.