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Why everyone likes Analytics4now

Utilize the latest technologies of Google Data Studio and get the most out of Google Analytics 4.

2x Faster than Google Analytics UA

Have your Google Analytics report ready in seconds.

Zero Sampling

Pull actionable insights based on 100% accurate data.

In-depth Analysis

Combine up to 5 filters with drill-down dimensions and optional metrics for detailed reporting.

Historic Data

Keep your data since the first day of your GA4 setup.


Analytics4now dashboard

With Analytics4now you can use your GA4 data and easily navigate to the standard audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversion reports.
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Get Analytics4now in three easy steps

Select your plan

Choose the plan that fits better to your reporting needs.

Setup your dasboard

Configure your Analytics4now dashboard following our step-by-step instructions & video tutorials.

Happy Analyzing

Get the most out of your GA4 data. Happy Dashboarding!


Flexible pricing for everyone

Pay once and get lifetime access!


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Basic Account

For individuals who want to keep track their website usage


per person / month


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For individuals who want to keep track their website usage


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Premium Account

For individuals who want to keep track their website usage


per month


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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something?

The new interface of GA4 is quite challenging for the new and existing users of Google Analytics, as it requires much effort and time to get started with it. We have the perfect solution – an analytics dashboard that uses GA4 data with the standard interface of Google Analytics (UA). Imagine being able to navigate to the usual reports with your GA4 data in one place. You’ll be able to make better decisions about your business.

Did you remember the last time you logged in to your Google Analytics? A notification from Google is warning you that “Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023”. You have a few months left to move to GA4 and you can do it without stress with Analytics4now.

We do offer a free trial. Simply login into a Google Account and select your Google Analytics 4 property

If you’re a freelancer or working individually with a limited budget, then the Basic plan will likely be the best option. If you’re a marketeer or part of an eCommerce or online business then you will be best suited to the Pro plan.

You might choose the Pro plan with the comparison capability, so you can easily analyze your clients’ data Year-on-Year or Period-on-Period. 

Yes, absolutely you can use it for many websites / clients. After you purchase any of the plans, you get edit access to Analytics4now original dashboard and can make as many copies you want. 

Absolutely yes. We don’t get access to your data. 

We don’t have a refund policy, due to the type of product. Anyone who has access to our Analytics4now dashboard, can easily copy our work.  That’s why we invest in technical support and instructions and we are fully available to our customers.

If you have any questions about our product, support, or pricing plans, you can contact us at and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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