Giannis Stratakis - Founder at Data Bloo

👋 I’m Giannis

the founder of Data Bloo

It all started back in 2016 when I was working as a digital analyst. I found myself frustrated with the manual reporting I had to do to present business KPIs in excel files. That’s when I discovered the new BI tool, Looker Studio (previously Data Studio), which had just been released in my country 🇬🇷.


I wanted to transform the old-fashioned excel files into informative user-friendly dashboards that could be used by different departments and decision-makers. Despite having no previous experience in this area, I was determined to save reporting hours and improve the decision-making process for others. And thus, Data Bloo was born as a side project during the pandemic.


Since then, we’ve helped over 2,000 businesses across the world analyze and optimize their online performance. Our focus is on automating digital reporting with ready-to-use templates that combine high aesthetics and different marketing data in one place.

I never thought that Data Bloo would become the #1 contributor to Looker Studio’s official gallery, with the majority of our reports being selected and featured by Google. But our main goal has always been to provide analytics solutions that empower marketers to make the most of their data and save time.


I hope you like Data Bloo’s templates, and please feel free to connect with me. I’m always open to feedback and suggestions

April 24, 2023