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    Neil Patel

    Looking to track or present your Google Search Console results? This Google Data Studio report template from Data Bloo makes it easy to see where you stand in one dashboard.

  • Avinash Kaushik
    Kaushik Avinash

    It is a good Looker Studio use case concept that you can apply in your dashboards, and has some interesting KPIs as well.

  • Hubspot

    With this template you can, among other things, analyze the performance of your keywords, view your page rankings on Google and monitor the current status of your Search Console KPIs with one click.

  • Search Engine Watch
    Search Engine Watch

    These templates are great for getting started, or for creating reports in a hurry. All you need to do is select the template that you want to use and then customize it to match your needs. It’s really that simple.L

  • Directive

    This dashboard provides a detailed, in-depth look at how users are engaging and interacting with your ECommerce store. This was the most complete example of an ECommerce management dashboard that we could find.

  • Coupler

    This Multi-Channel template can become your main marketing dashboard. Users will have a holistic view of their performance across various channels to make informed decisions and optimize their digital marketing strategies for maximum impact.

  • Hevo

    The template includes pre-built visualizations that allow you to easily monitor and analyze your search traffic, identify opportunities for improvement, and track the impact of your SEO efforts over time.

  • geekflare

    Want a year-on-year overview of SEO metrics by keyword analysis by brand vs. generic and page rankings? Get all that and an organic overview with this template.

  • Porter Metrics

    Measuring the competition is one of the most critical reporting components of a PPC template. Databloo’s report offers insightful information about your competitors and you can easily find a summary of other brands that bid on the exact keywords.

  • MeasureSchool

    Here’s the beautiful template by Data Bloo for your SEO needs. You can use it immediately simply by plugging in your data source.

  • Data Studio Guru
    Data Studio Guru

    Data Bloo provides a wide array of Looker Studio templates tailored for various industries and data visualization needs. I have to admit, their templates are visually appealing. Another plus, they are easy to customize, helping you convey complex data insights clearly and effectively.

  • By Marketers

    The dashboard makes use of little touches that help bring it to life, like the color scheme and the images. It’s everything a Looker Studio dashboard should be – intuitive, creative, and most of all, helpful.

    Save time and simplify your GA4 analytics

    Cut through the complexity of GA4 and get back the familiar reporting views of Universal Analytics, making data analysis faster and easier.

    BigQuery integration

    Process and analyze your raw data faster and in greater detail.

    Real Time Insights

    Analyze today’s data (intraday) and access real-time reports of your performance as it happens, beyond the limitations of your GA4 UI.

    Zero Sampling

    Pull actionable insights based on 100% accurate data.

    Historic Data

    Keep your data since the first day of your GA4 property (Basic) or BigQuery integration (Pro).

    Get the most out of UA & GA4

    With Analytics4now you can use your GA4 data and easily navigate to the UA audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversion reports.

    Fully Customizable Report

    Instant edit access

    Instantly edit Analytics4now, making changes like adding or removing charts, filters, and pages, allowing you to create reports based on your reporting needs.
    Branded Options

    White Labeled Reporting

    Customize Analytics4now to match your brand guidelines and strengthen your brand by easily changing the brand colors, logo, icons, and texts.
    One Click Setup

    Generate reports in minutes

    Generate your own Analytics4now quickly and easily with our One Click Setup feature, simplifying the configuration process and saving you valuable time and energy.
    Sharing Options

    Seamless collaboration with stakeholders

    Easily share your Analytics4now reports with stakeholders and clients through scheduled emails, sharing links, PDF exports, ensuring seamless collaboration.
    How it works

    Get your versions in less than a minute


    • 01Create your report

      Enter your GA4 details (account and property ids) to create your report automatically. It takes less than 1 minute.
    • 02Happy Analyzing

      Get the most out of your GA4 data. Happy Dashboarding!


    • 01Link your GA4 data to BigQuery

      Connect your GA4 property with BigQuery to unlock the reporting capabilities of Analytics4now.
    • 02Create your report

      Enter your BigQuery details (project and dataset ids) to create your report automatically. It takes less than 1 minute.
    • 03Happy Analyzing

      Get the most out of your GA4 data. Happy Dashboarding!

    What people say about Analytics4now

    One time payment

    Pay once and get lifetime access, without any additional fees.

    Perfect for marketers & businesses to get edit access for customization options.

    one-time payment
    • Google Analytics 4 Connector
    • Universal Analytics Reports
    • Historic Data (first day of GA4 property)
    • Unlimited Websites
    • White Label
    • Sharing Options
    • One Click Setup

    Best for companies with complex data needs looking for unsampled data.

    one-time payment
    • BigQuery Connector
    • Universal Analytics Reports
    • Historic Data (first day of BigQuery integration)
    • Unlimited Websites
    • White Label
    • Sharing Options
    • One Click Setup
    • Today’s Data (intraday)
    • Realtime Reports
    • Custom Goals
    • Unsampled Data
    • No Quota Limits

    Best for agencies seeking white-label solutions tailored to their customers’ setup.

    save €100
    • Basic Version
    • Pro Version

    Want to ask something?

    While GA4 offers a more advanced and robust set of features, its interface can be challenging for businesses to utilize it effectively. We offer a user-friendly analytics report that allows you to access and make sense of your GA4 data in one place with the familiar interface of Universal Analytics. Our team has dedicated 100+ hours to developing the queries and setup for GA4 & BigQuery, making it effortless for you to access and utilize your data effectively with just one click. With Analytics4now, you can streamline your analytics process, and make better decisions for your business.

    It’s incredibly easy to set up Analytics4now! All you need to do is enter your BigQuery information (Dataset ID & Project ID) for Pro plan or your GA4 information (Account ID & Property ID) for Basic plan and you’ll be able to get your report with just one click in less than 1 minute. Please note that Analytics4now Pro is compatible with BigQuery connector, so you should link your GA4 property with BigQuery first before utilizing our product.

    Yes you can do that for Basic plan. However you should link your GA4 data with BigQuery in order to use the Pro plan. It is important to complete the integration between GA4 and BigQuery as soon as possible, as the data captured in Analytics4now will only be available from the day of linking onward.

    We do offer a live demo where you can use your GA4 data source to explore the features of our product. The demo is available only for the Basic version.

    If you use Google Analytics 4 and want a more user-friendly way to analyze your data. Whether you’re a small business owner, marketer, or data analyst, Analytics4now can simplify your analytics and save you time.

    If you’re working individually with a limited budget, then the Basic plan will likely be the best option. The Pro plan is designed for marketers, eCommerce, or online businesses with advanced features like unsampled data and custom goals.

    You might choose the Bundle that include both plans, so you can easily use either GA4 or BigQuery connectors based on your customers’ setup.

    Yes, absolutely you can use it for multiple websites / clients and can make as many copies you want.

    BigQuery has a free tier that includes up to 1 TB of data storage and 1 TB of query processing per month. Beyond that, BigQuery offers a flat-rate pricing model, which provides users with dedicated resources and predictable pricing based on their data storage and processing needs. Alternatively, it has a pay-as-you-go model, which allows users to pay for the data storage and processing resources they use. You can use the BigQuery Pricing Calculator to make sure you are on budget.

    Absolutely yes. We don’t get access to your data.

    Yes you can do that. Once you generate your report you will be the only owner of this version and you can make as many changes as you want such as hiding existing pages or creating new ones, adding your own colors and sharing it with others.

    We don’t have a refund policy, due to the type of product. Built on Looker Studio, Analytics4now can be easily copied once purchased, making it impossible for us to receive the product back. This is why we invest in technical support to ensure our customers can fully utilize and make the most of their investment.

    If you have any questions about our product, support, or pricing plans, you can contact us at and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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