Facebook Ads Ecommerce Report

Measure your Facebook Ads ecommerce metrics such as cost, conversion and e-commerce ROAS in just one place using Google Analytics.


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Facebook Ads Ecommerce Overview

With Facebook Ads Ecommerce report you can get a quick overview of your Facebook ads campaigns, monitoring your main KPIs + costs (via manual data import or Easyautotagging) that are available in your Google Analytics.

This report not only provides session and e-commerce conversion metrics, it also allows you to measure cost per conversion, ROAS on your site source and placement breakdown; valuable breakdown insights you lost in the Facebook Ads Manager with the iOS14 Privacy update.

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ROAS Calculator

Calculating the ecommerce ROAS of your Facebook Ads (Revenue from Facebook Ads / Cost of Facebook Ads).

Cost KPIs

Displaying other cost KPIs such as Cost of your Ads and Cost Per Conversion.


Uncovering the trend of conversions and revenue generated by advertising.

ROAS Breakdown

Analyzing the ROAS by source and placement.