Mobile ROAS Dashboard

Monitor and analyze the return on ad spend (ROAS) for your Google Ads at your fingerprints.

Mobile ROAS Dasbhoard - Data Bloo
Mobile ROAS Dasbhoard - Data Bloo

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ROAS Dashboard Overview

The ROAS Dashboard measures the return on the ad spend for your Google Ads while you are on the move.

This ROAS calculator measures the efficacy of your overall Google Ads account and evaluate which campaigns are working better and which ones are affecting your results negatively.

Additionally it also breaks down ROAS by demographics and devices to spot quick insights about your audience that is interacting with your ads.

ROAS Calculator

Calculating the ROAS of your Google Ads (Revenue from Google Ads / Cost of Google Ads).

Cost KPIs

Displaying other cost KPIs such as Cost of your Ads and Cost Per Conversion.


Uncovering the trend of conversions and revenue generated by advertising.

ROAS Breakdown

Analyzing the ROAS by campaign name, device and demographics.