Google Looker Studio SEO Report Templates

Check our Google Data Studio Templates for SEO. Add your Search Console and other SEO software to Looker Studio and keep track of your organic performance on the search engines such as Google. The templates are designed for SEO managers and digital marketing agencies.

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How to Set Up Looker Studio SEO Templates

One of the advantages of our SEO report templates is that they can be used right out-of-box with no manual installation required. The entire process will take you less than a minute and is covered in these steps:

What Types of SEO Metrics Can Be Tracked With Looker Studio Templates?

There are two types of SEO metrics that our templates can help you track: fundamental and advanced

Fundamental metrics can be found in any SEO templates:

Advanced metrics, on the other side, can only be tracked when a template is properly designed. Several metrics comes together to give you advanced data insight into:

What SEO Template To Choose?

There are several SEO templates available, so let us help you choose the one that will bring the most benefit in your specific scenario. 

Template 1. All-in-one Search Console Template

This SEO template will help you understand your overall SEO performance across all channels and sources and identify areas for improvement in your strategy.

This template will cover all the needs of any data-driven SEO professional.

All-in-one Search Console Looker Studio Template - Page Rankings - Data Bloo

Choose this template to:

What questions this template answers: 

Template 2. Local SEO

This Looker Studio SEO Template combines data from Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and Google My Business data in one place in a way that helps you analyze your performance and see areas of improvement for your local search performance.

Local SEO Master Template - GMB Overview - Data Bloo

Choose this template to:

What questions it answers:

Template 3. Keyword Search Intent Template

This SEO template efficiently presents data on the reasons behind customer search queries, providing a data-informed foundation for crafting content and strategizing.

Keyword Search Intent Template - Intent - Data Bloo

Choose this template to:

What questions is answers:

Template 4. Backlink Report

This report template for SEO uses Ahrefs data to analyze the quantity and quality of links to your domain and content, enhancing your site’s SEO profile.

Ahrefs Looker Studio Template - Overview - Data Bloo

Choose this SEO template to:

Questions this SEO template answers:

Template 5. Lead Generation Report

Use Lead Generation Master SEO template to see how many leads your  SEO campaigns (and other digital marketing channels) generate

GA4 Lead Generation Master Template - Goals - Data Bloo

Choose this template to report on the direct relation between your organic and paid traffic channel and your business bottom line. 

Template 6. Google My Business Data Studio SEO Template

This template will show you the performance of your Google My Business profile in detail.

Google My Business Template - Views - Data Bloo

Choose this template when you rely on your Google Business Profile for lead generation to track and want to improve performance of your GMB profile. 

Use Google My Business SEO template to understand:

Can I Customize Looker Studio SEO Templates to Fit My Specific Needs?

Looker Studio’s user-friendly interface allows for extensive customization of report templates. Users can start with a pre-existing SEO template and then modify it to better suit their objectives. 

This customization can range from simple changes:

To more complex modifications:

Can Looker Studio Templates Help Identify SEO Opportunities and Issues?

By tracking SEO metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, click-through rates (CTR), and backlink profiles with a Looker Studio SEO template, users can quickly identify trends, pinpoint areas of concern, and uncover opportunities for optimization.

For instance, a sudden drop in organic traffic to a specific page could indicate a potential issue, such as a penalty from Google or a technical SEO problem like broken links or slow loading times.

Moreover, our Looker Studio templates can be customized to track specific SEO goals and KPIs, making it possible to measure the effectiveness of custom SEO strategies over time. This not only helps in identifying what’s working and what’s not but also enables strategic adjustments to be made based on data-driven insights.

How Do I Set Up Automated SEO Reporting With Looker Studio?

When you start using our Looker Studio SEo template, it will automatically connect to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics and fill the report with your data. 

You don’t need to manually add or update anything, as reports will be automatically updated in real time based on your Google Analytics data.

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