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Explore social media data studio templates. Sync your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube data with Data Studio and monitor your social media key metrics. These marketing dashboards are designed for agencies, social media experts and in-house performance managers.

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Why Do You Need a Social Media Dashboard?

A social media dashboard is an essential tool for any digital marketer or business owner striving to optimize their online presence. Bring together data from various social media platforms into one intuitive interface to obtain  real-time insights and analytics about your brand performance on social platforms.

A well-configured social media dashboard is particularly useful for answering key questions like:

Let’s start with setting up your social media dashboard reports. 

Set Up Your Social Media Dashboard

The easiest way to set up a social media report is to use Google Looker Studio (Data Studio) template.

Templates will help you connect your social media data streams and present data in the most convenient actionable way.

Below is an example of how such a template can be set up in just a few clicks:

Social Media Dashboard - Add data source

Add your data source

Generate your social media report within minutes using our one-click setup process.
Social Media Dashboard - Configure Report

Configure your settings

Authorize your social media account and connect it with the template.
Social Media Dashboard - Customize Report

Customize your report

Instantly customize your social media dashboard report and easily share insights with your team

Decide On Your Main Social Media Channels

You can target all and count your overall views on all platforms, but typically such insights don’t bring much value. 

For maximum actionable insights, it’s best to combine general social media data with unique data points for every social media platform you target.


The social media dashboard that focuses on Youtube channel performance will help you answer the following questions:

Channel Growth

Youtube Channel Report - Subscribers

Performance By Video Type

Youtube Channel Report - Short Vs Long Videos

Top Videos Watched

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Looker Studio Template - Campaigns - Data Bloo

Questions Facebook social media dashboard should answer:

Advertisement Performance

Advertisement performance is especially useful to track ad performance and compare metrics such s cost per clicks and cost per action to other channels to determine the most optimal social media platform for running paid advertisements 


A well-designed Instagram social media dashboard help you answer the following questions using data:

And many more!

Audience Activity Insights

Instagram Insights Looker Studio Template - Business Overview - Data Bloo

Post Analytics

Instagram Insights Looker Studio Template - Posts - Data Bloo

Follower Actions

Instagram Insights Looker Studio Template - User Actions - Data Bloo

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