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Improve your organic search performance with the Search Console Looker Studio Report Template. Designed to provide you with key information about your Google Search Console data, this template will help you understand your SEO performance and identify areas for improvement in your strategy.


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Data source

Google Search console

Key Metrics This Template Tracks

There are plenty of SEO metrics that you can track, but looking at all of them at once will likely confuse you rather than provide real value. 

You should focus on tracking SEO metrics that are most conducive to deep insights or that paint a real picture of your SEO performance.

Organic Performance Overview

In our Google Search Console looker studio template, the Organic Overview tab gives you quick and comprehensive overviews of your website’s SEO performance. 

  • Unique Pages and Unique Keywords. These metrics  will help you quickly  understand how well your website’s new pages are being crawled by Google. It’s especially important these days when Google’s crawling budget is limited while more and more content is being published daily.
  • Impressions, Clicks, CTR. General performance data on how often people see your website in search results and click your pages. Growth or decline in these metrics is a strong strategic signal.
  • Performance Over Time. The most visually intuitive way to analyze and predict your website performance is a timeline graph with organic clicks over time compared to past performance. Graph is built automatically for any custom date range you choose.
  • Device and Country Performance. Overview of your organic performance in different geographies and on different devices. 

Brand vs Generic Analysis

Brand vs Generic tab can be valuable for several reasons.

First, you can quickly spot an increasing interest towards your brand in organic searches. That might mean your social media, PR or paid advertising is paying off or needs more attention. 

Second, our looker template helps you see what other keywords people associate with your brand. For example, they might search for your company name directly, or search for a specific product or a service from your company. Use this information to create high-converting landing pages or improve SEO of specific pages. 

Additionally, you can use filters to see your brand performance in different countries, types of search (web, image, video, news), and on different devices. 

Keyword Advanced Analysis

Deep dive into keyword performance.

  • Short Tail and Long Tail Keyword Performance. Short tail keywords and long tail keywords have very different dynamics. Short tail keywords are much more competitive and more often have commercial intent. Tracking them separately from long tail keywords lets you better understand where to focus your efforts and where you have more success.
  • Keyword distribution. Our distribution graph helps you compare how many keywords of different length your website ranks for. It’s best to have an optimal portfolio, so, for example, if you’re ranking for too many long tails it’s usually a good idea to start competing for more different keywords.

SERP Impact (Page Rankings)

Page rankings tabs in our GSC data studio template (now looker studio) will help you see how many unique keywords you rank for on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd page. 

To help you analyze this data, we added keyword position and search volume graph to our report. 

By combining data from both sections, you can spot ranking trends that would otherwise go unnoticed, for example:

  • What keywords have more chances to get to the first page of Google? 
  • Do our keywords get stuck to the 2nd and 3rd page too often recently?
  • What’s the average position of our keywords when they’re on the 2nd page?
  • How quickly our first page keywords are moving up in the last month?

Additional information

Data Source

Google Search Console

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Multi Page


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How to Start Using the SEO Template

With our one click setup process you will be able to generate your All-in-one Search Console Report on Looker Studio in less than a minute with just a few clicks, saving you valuable time and streamlining the configuration process.

Open Google Search Console and select your Search Console property. Copy the Resource Id from the URL.

Frequently asked questions

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Absolutely! Our All-in-One Google Search Console report template is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. You can adjust the design, including fonts and logos, for a white-label reporting experience, rearrange components, or integrate various data sources to enhance your report. This flexibility allows you to tailor the report to reflect your brand and focus on the metrics that matter most to you.

This report offers valuable insights into your website’s search performance. It includes detailed data on search query performance, web page impressions, high-performing and underperforming keywords, clicks, click-through rates (CTR).


For more advanced analysis, you can compare brand vs non-brand keyword performance,  search performance in specific countries, and short-tail long-tail click distribution. 


By leveraging this data, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how users find and interact with your site through search engines and identify opportunities to improve your search rankings and visibility.

Simply open the template, enter your Google Search Console ID, and the report will automatically populate with your website’s search data. This seamless integration ensures you can begin analyzing your search performance immediately without any complex setup.

The template provides comprehensive insights without any inherent limitations for standard use and analysis directly from Google Search Console, 

Yes, the reporting with this Google Search Console template is designed to be automated. Once configured with your data, the report will automatically update with the latest search analytics directly from Google Search Console. You can open your report at any time or share it with others without needing to perform any additional configuration, making it a highly efficient tool for ongoing search performance monitoring.


Additionally, looker studio reports can be scheduled for automated regular reporting into your email inbox.

This template can be set up in under a minute. Simply open the report, copy your resource ID of GSC account, define your brand terms and save your report.

Yes, after purchasing the All-in-one Search Report, you have the flexibility to replicate it for unlimited accounts and effectively manage different clients, domains, or brands with just one template.

You can get a comprehensive understanding of our ranking report template by using the built-in data control of Looker Studio for Google Search Console. Simply log in to an email account that has access to your property and you can preview how your data will appear in our GSC report.

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