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The Keyword Analysis Data Studio Template can help you monitor the overall performance of your organic search keywords and easily identify content opportunities and ad bidding adjustments.



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SEO Ranking Report

Our SEO ranking report provides a high-level picture of your ranked keywords in the search engines. This report categorizes the keywords based on their ranking position: Top 3 (“business drivers”), Top 10 (“performers”), Top 20 (“lacklusters”), and the rest.

You can also use the SEO ranking report to monitor the generic and branded traffic on your website and track their keyword rank and visibility by SERP. Additionally, you can drill down to keyword level and identify your top landing pages by search volume and traffic.

The SEO ranking report can be monitored on a daily, weekly, and monthly performance, so you can easily spot keyword trends over time.


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2 reviews for Keyword Analysis Data Studio Template

  1. Ferdinand

    Great dashboard with helpful insights. Thanks to the team for supporting us setting everything up!

  2. Jeff D.

    The Data Bloo team has been very hands-on in helping me get this dashboard setup. They have gone in on their own and made setting adjustments that I didn’t set up properly. Every question has been answered immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a template that provides you a clear view on how to measure your business goals, is something essential to remain competitive in a fast-paced environment. Marketing Dashboards take all of your data and turn it into a real time snapshot of what matters most to your business. With a well-structured template you have access to the most up to date data at your fingers anytime, anywhere.

It takes time to build from scratch a Data Studio template. Apart from designing the template and gathering the data sources (right metrics / dimensions) a well-designed template requires business & analytical way of thinking. We’re offering an automated, real-time way to arise key insights that will save you time from data reporting and reduce your marketing cost with better decision making. We want you to work smarter and grow faster.

Once you complete the purchase, you can copy the template and make any changes you want:

  1. replicate the template
  2. add new data sources
  3. use it for many domains
  4. change the colors and logos
  5. share it with others
  6. schedule reports

Definitely yes, as you get edit access to the templates and can make as many edits as you you want.

Apart from changing the aesthetics, adding new pages,  many of our clients merge two or more dashboards into one, in order to have a centralized view for their businesses.

  1. They communicate key insights quickly.
  2. They display information without noise.
  3. They show trends and changes in data over time.
  4. They are easily customizable.
  5. They offer real time access to business data.

Data Bloo dashboards are designed for anyone who is looking to upgrade his digital reporting and save hours and marketing cost. Agencies, freelancers, business owners and any kind of marketers can easily use these templates in order to make better data driven decisions and focus on what matter most in their business or brands.

You can get a good feel for our marketing templates by checking our demos. Additionally, use the built-in Data Controls of Data Studio (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console) in order to see how your data looks like in our dashboards.

  1. A new url with a handy guide displaying step-by-step instructions on how to customize the template for your own brand.
  2. The support of our experienced team willing to help you after the sale.

We use PayPal and Stripe to process payments. They accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Your credit card information is not stored on our site. 

We don’t have a refund policy in place, due to the type of product. Anyone who has access to our purchased Data Studio templates, can easily copy our work. That’s why we invest in technical support and instructions and we are fully available to our customers.

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