Ultimate Keyword Ranking Report Template

Enhance your keyword research with our SEO Looker Studio Report Template. Our template lets you seamlessly monitor your organic search performance and keyword rankings across devices and locations while identifying new content opportunities.


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Data source

Google Search console

What Questions Will Keyword Ranking Report Help Answer?

Our SEO keyword report provides you with critical business information about how your content keywords rank over time. It answers questions such as:

  1. What are my Top 3, Top 10, and Top 20 performing keywords?
  2. What keywords drive the most organic traffic to my website? 
  3. How do my generic keywords measure up against my brand keywords?
  4. Are my short tall keywords performing better than my long tall keywords?
  5. How do my keyword rankings fluctuate over time?
  6. Are there any keywords with a high search volume that I am not currently ranking for?
  7. What is the trend in search volume for my target keywords in a given period?
  8. How has my website’s visibility on Google changed over time?
  9. What are the top-performing keywords in specific countries or regions?
  10. Is my keyword data affected by different devices?

Our keyword research template is designed to make sense of complex data, letting you capitalize on new content opportunities while retaining keywords that work.


How to Use This Keyword Ranking Template

The template includes several tabs, each helps you understand your keyword performance from different perspectives for more unique insights. 

You can quickly select between tabs to quickly switch between high-level overview of your SEO performance or advanced analytics about the performance of specific keywords in specific circumstances. 

To mine even deeper insights, you can use filters that allow you to segment performance data and focus on specific groups of keywords, geography, devices, and many more.


What This Keyword Ranking Report Template Shows


SEO reports traditionally start with high-level overview, and this first tab is ideal to understand your overall SEO performance without confusing yourself with too much data.

The tab provides visual data for search performance, brand vs organic performance, and performance by keywords, country, and specific device. 

Page Mining

Page Mining tab is a deeper dive into performance of specific keywords and groups of keywords.

Use filters to pick specific keywords and the tab will show you search volume and average position over time.

Additionally, the keyword ranking template will show landing pages that rank for selected keywords and changes in their CTR, search volume, and search traffic over time. 

Keyword Overview

This overview tab is a deeper dive into keyword performance data.

Visual data is structured to let you quickly see how many unique keywords you started ranking for along with your presence in Google changed in that time period.

For example, you might notice that a huge group of keywords started ranking on the first page of Google and notice how that data correlated with increase in traffic from a specific country. 

Keyword Ranking

Use the Keyword Ranking tab to understand your presence in the search results page (SERP).

See your top 3, top 10, top 20 groups of keywords and analyze performance of specific queries in the Keyword Explorer section. 

Brand & Generic

Brand & Generic tab in our keyword ranking template will provide a report on how your brand performs in SERP.

See how often people search for your brand directly over time, and any associated queries that people use to find your brand or your specific products. 

Keyword Length

Use keyword length data for deep analysis of your short tail and long tail keywords. 

For example, if you notice that long tail keywords generate more search volume while short tail keywords are underperforming, refocus your attention on more competitive queries.

Benefits of This Keyword Ranking Report

Our SEO template for keyword ranking will help you: 

  • Quickly switch between high-level data and granular views to mine specific insights for your SEO marketing
  • Present data in an intuitive visual way so it can be easily shared with stakeholders and clients
  • Receive regular updates from Looker Studio in your email
  • Work with your data directly without sharing it with third parties


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Data Source

Google Search Console

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Multi Page


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How to Create Your Keyword Ranking Report

With our one click setup process you will be able to generate your Keyword Ranking Report on Looker Studio in less than a minute with just a few clicks, saving you valuable time and streamlining the configuration process.

Open Google Search Console and select your Search Console property. Copy the Resource Id from the URL.

Frequently asked questions

You cannot find your question? Feel free to contact us

Keyword ranking template is a versatile Looker Studio report that helps track and analyze website positions for keywords and gain insight into keyword opportunities, SEO performance, and expected rankings.

Typically reports are updated manually monthly or bi-weekly, but Looker Templates are updated automatically in real time, so you can use them for analysis or presentation at any moment.

Yes, you can customize the Keyword Ranking report template to suit your specific brand needs. More specifically you can customize design, fonts and logo for white label reporting, re-arrange elements or even connect different data sources.

This template can be set up in under a minute as shown in our instructions. Open the template, copy your Google Search Console ID, define your brand terms and it’s ready to use!

Yes, after purchasing the Keyword Ranking report, you have the flexibility to replicate it for unlimited accounts and effectively manage different clients, domains, or brands with just one template.

You can get a comprehensive understanding of our ranking report template by using the built-in data control of Looker Studio for Google Search Console. Simply log in to an email account that has access to your property and you can preview how your data will appear in our GSC report.

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