• Data Source: Google Search Console
  • Type: Categorical (Text)
  • Calculation: CASE WHEN (REGEXP_MATCH(Query, "Brand Terms")) THEN "Brand Keywords" ELSE "Generic Keywords" END


Brand Terms in the context of search queries refer to keywords that include specific terms related to a brand or company name. Queries can be categorized as “Brand Keywords” if they contain brand-specific terms, and as “Generic Keywords” if they do not.


Identifying Brand Terms within search queries is crucial for distinguishing between traffic driven by brand awareness and that driven by generic, non-brand related searches. This categorization helps in understanding the impact of brand recognition on search performance and allows for more targeted analysis and optimization of SEO and content strategies.

Use Cases

  1. Brand Awareness Analysis: Assess the volume and performance of Brand Keywords to gauge brand awareness and recognition among your target audience, informing brand marketing strategies.
  2. SEO Strategy Segmentation: Differentiate SEO efforts between Brand and Generic Keywords, optimizing brand-related content for branded searches while enhancing broader SEO tactics for generic queries.
  3. Content Personalization: Tailor content and messaging for users arriving through Brand Keywords to reinforce brand identity and loyalty, while providing broader, informative content for Generic Keyword traffic.
  4. Marketing Campaign Effectiveness: Evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns on brand-related search traffic by monitoring changes in the volume of Brand Keywords, indicating shifts in brand awareness or perception.
  5. Competitive Insight: Analyze the use of Brand Terms in queries to understand competitive positioning and potential brand-related search opportunities or threats, informing competitive strategy development.

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