• Data Source: Google Search Console
  • Type: Number
  • Definition: In the context of Google Search Console, a Click is recorded when a user selects a search result that directs them to a page outside of Google Search, Google Discover, or Google News. This metric counts the instances where users follow a link from a search result to an external webpage, excluding internal navigation within Google’s platforms.


Clicks are a fundamental metric for understanding user interaction with search results related to your website. Tracking clicks helps in gauging the visibility and appeal of your website’s listings in search results, providing insights into user interest and the effectiveness of your search optimization efforts.

Use Cases

  1. Search Performance Analysis: Analyze the number of clicks to measure the effectiveness of your website in capturing user interest from search results, guiding SEO and content optimizations.
  2. CTR Optimization: Utilize click data alongside impressions to calculate Click-Through Rate (CTR), pinpointing opportunities to enhance the attractiveness and relevance of your search listings.
  3. Content and Keyword Relevance: Assess clicks for various search queries to evaluate the relevance and appeal of your content, informing targeted content development and keyword strategies.
  4. Brand vs. Generic Clicks Tracking: Differentiate between branded traffic (clicks resulting from searches that include your brand name) and generic traffic (clicks from searches without your brand name) to understand brand awareness and the effectiveness of non-branded SEO efforts.
  5. Clicks by Keyword Distribution: Monitor clicks distribution across your top keywords, especially those within the top 3, top 10, etc., search positions, to identify high-impact keywords and prioritize SEO efforts for maximum visibility and engagement.


  • Positive Indicator: An increase in clicks suggests that your website’s listings are compelling and successfully encourage users to engage with your content, indicating effective SEO and content strategies.
  • Negative Indicator: A decrease in clicks may indicate that your listings are less appealing or visible in search results, possibly due to suboptimal SEO practices, poor keyword targeting, or unattractive titles and descriptions.

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