• Data Source: Google Search Console
  • Type: Activity Log


Crawling in Google Search Console refers to the process by which Googlebot systematically scans and indexes web pages on your site. The Crawl Stats report provides detailed insights into how Googlebot interacts with your site, including the number of crawl requests, the types of files crawled, the responses received, and the purpose of the crawls.

The Crawl Stats report breaks down crawl requests by:

  • Response Type: The HTTP status codes returned (e.g., 200, 404, 500).
  • File Type: The types of files crawled (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images).
  • Crawl Purpose: The reasons for the crawl (e.g., discovery, refresh, update).
Crawling - Data Bloo Glossary

Use Cases

  1. Crawl Activity Monitoring: Use the Crawl Stats report to monitor Googlebot’s activity on your site, ensuring that important pages are crawled and identifying any unusual spikes or drops in crawl requests.
  2. Issue Detection and Resolution: Identify issues in crawling, such as frequent 404 errors or server errors, and take corrective actions to ensure that Googlebot can effectively access and index your content.
  3. Crawl Budget Optimization: Analyze the types of files and responses to understand how your crawl budget is being utilized and optimize it by ensuring that Googlebot focuses on important and high-value pages.
  4. Performance Analysis: Use the breakdown by file type to identify and optimize resource-heavy files (e.g., large images, JavaScript) that might be slowing down the crawling process.
  5. Strategic SEO Planning: Leverage crawl purpose data to understand how Googlebot is prioritizing your site, informing strategies to improve site structure, internal linking, and overall SEO performance.


  • Positive Indicator: Regular and comprehensive crawling activity with a majority of successful HTTP responses (e.g., 200 status codes) indicates that Googlebot is effectively indexing your site, enhancing search visibility.
  • Negative Indicator: High numbers of errors in the Crawl Stats report, such as 404 (not found) or 500 (server errors), suggest issues that could hinder crawling and indexing, necessitating technical SEO improvements to ensure full coverage of your site.

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