• Data Source: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Type: Text (Configuration)
  • Definition: A Data Stream in Google Analytics 4 represents a channel through which data flows from a digital touchpoint, such as a website, iOS app, or Android app, into GA4 for analysis. GA4 properties can accommodate up to 50 data streams, which can be a mix of web and app streams, with a limit of 30 app data streams (iOS, Android, or a combination thereof).


Data Streams are essential for configuring how Google Analytics collects data from various sources. When a data stream is set up, GA4 provides a snippet of code (for websites) or SDK configuration details (for apps) to integrate GA4 tracking with the digital touchpoint. This setup enables the collection of a wide range of data, including user interactions, events, and transactions, from the moment the tracking code or SDK is implemented.

Use Cases

  1. Cross-Platform Tracking: Set up separate data streams for each digital touchpoint (websites, iOS apps, Android apps) to collect comprehensive data across platforms, providing a holistic view of user interactions with your brand.
  2. Customized Tracking Configuration: Tailor data collection settings within each data stream to meet specific business needs, optimizing the type and granularity of data collected for analysis.
  3. Unified Analytics View: Combine data from multiple streams within a single GA4 property to analyze user interactions across different platforms, enhancing cross-device and cross-platform user journey analysis.


  • The configuration of data streams directly impacts the scope and quality of data collected in Google Analytics. It’s crucial to accurately set up and maintain data streams to ensure reliable and actionable analytics insights.

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