• Data Source: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Type: Text/String

What is Item ID in Google Analytics 4?

Item ID refers to the unique identifier assigned to a product or item within an eCommerce event in Google Analytics 4. This ID is typically specified by the user and can take various forms, such as a stock-keeping unit (SKU) code, ‘SKU_12345’, for example. Item ID is derived from the item_id parameter at the item level in an eCommerce tracking setup.

Data Bloo Glossary - GA4 Item ID


Item ID is a critical dimension for tracking and analyzing product-specific actions and transactions in eCommerce analytics. It enables precise tracking of product views, additions to cart, purchases, and other interactions by associating each action with a unique product identifier. This granularity allows for detailed product performance analysis, inventory management, and personalized marketing efforts.

Use Cases 

  1. Inventory Management: Utilize Item ID data to monitor stock levels and sales performance of individual products, facilitating efficient inventory replenishment and optimization to meet demand without overstocking.
  2. Sales Analysis and Reporting: Analyze sales data by Item ID to identify top-selling and underperforming products, enabling data-driven decisions on product promotions, discontinuations, or development of new items.
  3. Personalized Recommendations: Leverage Item ID tracking to understand individual user preferences and purchase history, allowing for the creation of personalized product recommendations that enhance the shopping experience and potentially increase sales.
  4. Marketing Campaign Targeting: Use insights from Item ID performance to target marketing campaigns more effectively, focusing on promoting products with high demand or introducing promotions for slower-moving inventory to stimulate interest.
  5. Product Catalog Optimization: Review Item ID analytics to understand how different products contribute to the overall performance of your eCommerce platform, informing decisions on catalog adjustments, bundling, or pricing strategies.

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