• Data Source: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Type: Currency 
  • Calculation: Item Revenue = Price x Quantity


Item Revenue in Google Analytics 4 represents the total revenue generated from the sale of items, excluding additional costs like taxes and shipping fees. It is calculated by multiplying the ‘price’ parameter by the ‘quantity’ parameter for each item within the items array of an eCommerce event.


Item Revenue provides a focused measure of the direct income from sold products, offering valuable insights into sales performance and product popularity. By isolating item revenue from other costs, businesses can analyze product-level profitability and make informed decisions regarding pricing, promotions, and inventory management.

Use Cases

  1. Product Performance Analysis: Evaluate the revenue contribution of individual products to identify top-performing items and those that may require promotional efforts or pricing adjustments.
  2. Pricing Strategy Optimization: Use item revenue data to assess the effectiveness of current pricing strategies and explore opportunities for price optimization to enhance profitability.
  3. Inventory Management: Analyze item revenue alongside inventory levels to make informed decisions about stock replenishment, clearance of underperforming products, and introduction of new items.
  4. Sales Forecasting: Leverage historical item revenue data to forecast future sales trends, aiding in strategic planning and financial forecasting.
  5. Marketing ROI Analysis: Assess the impact of marketing campaigns on item revenue, determining the return on investment for promotional activities and guiding future marketing budget allocation.


  • Positive Indicator: An increasing trend in item revenue suggests effective pricing, strong product demand, or successful marketing strategies, indicating healthy sales performance and product desirability.
  • Negative Indicator: A decline or stagnation in item revenue might highlight issues such as suboptimal pricing, decreased product popularity, or ineffective marketing, signaling a need for strategic review and adjustments.

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