• Data Source: Instagram Insights
  • Type: Text
  • Definition: Media Product Type categorizes the platform or surface within Instagram where media content is published. The primary types include AD (Advertisements), FEED (Main Instagram Feed), IGTV (Instagram TV), and STORY (Instagram Stories).


Understanding the Media Product Type is crucial for content strategy, as each type offers different engagement opportunities and audience behaviors. ADs are paid content targeted to a specific audience, FEED includes posts in the user’s main Instagram scroll, IGTV is for longer-form video content, and STORIES are temporary 24-hour posts that offer a more immediate and personal way to engage with followers.

Use Cases

  1. Content Strategy Development: Tailor content strategies to leverage the unique features and user engagement patterns of each Media Product Type, optimizing content formats and messaging for ADs, FEED posts, IGTV videos, and STORIES.
  2. Performance Analysis: Analyze engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares, views) by Media Product Type to identify which platforms are most effective for your content, informing resource allocation and content creation priorities.
  3. Audience Engagement Enhancement: Utilize the strengths of each Media Product Type to enhance audience engagement, such as leveraging STORIES for real-time interaction, FEED for lasting content, IGTV for in-depth storytelling, and ADs for targeted reach.
  4. Campaign Planning: Plan and execute marketing campaigns by choosing the appropriate Media Product Types based on campaign goals, target audience, and desired engagement, mixing formats for broader reach and impact.
  5. Creative Experimentation: Experiment with different content styles and creative approaches across the various Media Product Types to discover innovative ways to engage your audience and stand out on the platform.

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