• Data Source: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Type: Number
  • New Users in Google Analytics refers to the count of unique user IDs that have triggered the first_open event in an app or the first_visit event on a website, representing users who have interacted with your site or app for the first time.


This metric is crucial for understanding user acquisition and growth trends, providing insights into how many users are being introduced to your site or app within a given timeframe. Tracking new users helps in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, the reach of your digital presence, and the appeal of your content or app to potential users.

Use Cases

  1. Marketing Campaign Effectiveness: Measure the success of marketing campaigns in attracting new users, helping to refine targeting and messaging strategies for future campaigns.
  2. Growth Trend Analysis: Monitor trends in new user acquisition over time to assess the growth health of your site or app, informing strategic decisions and investment allocations.
  3. User Experience Optimization for Newcomers: Tailor onboarding experiences and initial user interactions based on insights into the behavior and preferences of new users, aiming to improve retention rates.
  4. Content Strategy Development: Identify content or features that are particularly effective at attracting new users, guiding content development and feature prioritization to sustain user growth.
  5. Audience Expansion: Analyze demographic and geographic data of new users to identify emerging markets or audience segments, informing targeted expansion strategies.


  • Positive Indicator: An increasing number of new users over time can indicate successful user acquisition efforts and growing interest in your site or app.
  • Negative Indicator: A stagnation or decline in the number of new users may signal challenges in market penetration, marketing effectiveness, or overall appeal to potential users, warranting a strategic review.

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