• Data Source: Google Search Console
  • Type: Text
  • Definition: Search Type in Google Search Console categorizes the type of search results where your site’s link was displayed to the user, based on the search tab used on Google. This categorization helps in understanding how your content is being discovered across different types of searches: Web, Image, Video, and News.


Understanding the distribution of your site’s visibility across various Search Types can provide insights into the nature of your content’s appeal and how users are engaging with it through Google’s search ecosystem. It also highlights the importance of optimizing content not just for web search but for other formats like images, videos, and news to maximize visibility and traffic.

Search Types

  • Web: Links that appear under the “All” tab in Google Search, including web pages, images, and videos integrated into the web search results.
  • Image: Links that appear under the “Images” tab, highlighting the visibility of your site’s images in Google’s image search results.
  • Video: Links found under the “Videos” tab, indicating how your video content ranks in Google’s video search results.
  • News: Links displayed under the “News” tab, showcasing your site’s presence in Google News search results.

Use Cases

  1. Content Optimization by Search Type: Tailor your content strategy to optimize for specific search types, enhancing the visibility of your web pages, images, videos, or news articles in their respective search results.
  2. Multi-Format Content Strategy: Develop a content strategy that covers multiple formats (text, images, videos) to ensure broad visibility across all relevant search types.
  3. Performance Analysis by Search Type: Analyze traffic and engagement metrics by search type to identify which content formats are driving the most value and where there may be opportunities for improvement.
  4. SEO Strategy Refinement: Refine your SEO tactics based on performance across different search types, applying specialized optimization techniques for images, videos, and news content to improve rankings in those areas.
  5. User Behavior Insights: Gain insights into user preferences and behavior by understanding how users interact with different types of content, informing content creation and marketing strategies to better meet user needs.

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