• Data Source: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Type: Currency (Monetary Value)
  • Calculation: Total Revenue = Purchases + In-App Purchases + Subscriptions + Ad Revenue


Total Revenue in Google Analytics 4 encompasses the cumulative revenue generated from various streams within a digital platform, including direct product purchases, in-app purchases, subscription revenues, and ad revenue. This metric aggregates revenue from specific events like purchase, in_app_purchase, app_store_subscription_renew, app_store_subscription_convert, and ad revenue events, which may be integrated via platforms like Google AdMob or Google Ad Manager, or through third-party ad impression events.


Total Revenue provides a comprehensive view of the financial performance of your website or app, capturing the entirety of income sources. This holistic metric is essential for understanding overall business health, evaluating the effectiveness of monetization strategies, and guiding financial and strategic planning.

Use Cases

  1. Financial Performance Analysis: Assess the overall financial health of your digital platform by analyzing Total Revenue trends, identifying growth areas and potential financial risks.
  2. Monetization Strategy Evaluation: Evaluate the effectiveness of various monetization strategies, such as in-app purchases or subscription models, in contributing to Total Revenue, informing strategic adjustments to maximize income.
  3. Revenue Stream Comparison: Compare the contribution of different revenue streams to Total Revenue, identifying dependencies or opportunities for diversification to stabilize and grow income.
  4. ROI Assessment for Marketing Campaigns: Analyze the impact of marketing and promotional efforts on Total Revenue, calculating the return on investment to optimize future marketing spend.
  5. Budgeting and Forecasting: Utilize Total Revenue data for budgeting and financial forecasting, planning future investments and expenditures based on revenue trends and projections.


  • Positive Indicator: Consistent growth in Total Revenue suggests successful monetization efforts and a healthy financial trajectory for your digital platform.
  • Negative Indicator: Stagnation or decline in Total Revenue may indicate issues with product offerings, monetization strategies, market conditions, or competitive pressures, necessitating a strategic review and potential adjustments.

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