• Data Source: Google Search Console
  • Type: Number
  • Calculation: COUNT_DISTINCT(Query)


Unique Keywords represent the count of distinct query strings that users have entered into Google Search, which resulted in your site being displayed in the search results. This metric is calculated by counting the unique instances of each query string, providing insight into the variety of search terms associated with your site.


Tracking Unique Keywords is essential for understanding the breadth and diversity of search terms that lead users to your site. This metric helps in identifying the range of topics, questions, and interests that your content is successfully addressing, as well as uncovering potential new areas for content development and SEO optimization.

Use Cases

  1. Content Diversity Analysis: Evaluate the diversity of your content by analyzing the variety of unique keywords driving traffic to your site, identifying areas for expansion or deeper coverage.
  2. SEO Strategy Refinement: Use insights from the range of unique keywords to refine your SEO strategy, ensuring it encompasses a broad spectrum of relevant search terms and user queries.
  3. Market Trend Identification: Identify emerging trends and topics of interest by monitoring changes in the unique keywords associated with your site, allowing for timely content updates and strategy adjustments.
  4. Competitive Analysis: Compare the diversity of unique keywords associated with your site to those of competitors to gauge your site’s breadth of coverage and identify potential gaps or opportunities.
  5. User Interest Mapping: Map out the interests and needs of your target audience by categorizing unique keywords into thematic clusters, informing targeted content creation and marketing strategies.

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