• Data Source: Google Search Console
  • Type: Number
  • Calculation: COUNT_DISTINCT(Landing Page)


Unique Pages refers to the number of distinct landing pages that users visited after clicking on search results. This metric quantifies the variety of individual pages on your site that have attracted user clicks from search, highlighting the breadth of content that is effectively drawing in traffic.


Tracking Unique Pages helps in understanding the diversity of your site’s content that is visible and appealing to users in search results. A higher count of Unique Pages indicates that a wide range of your site’s content is ranking well and engaging users, suggesting effective SEO coverage across your site.

Use Cases

  1. Content Reach Analysis: Assess the reach of your site’s content by analyzing the variety of Unique Pages that attract search traffic, identifying popular content and potential gaps in your site’s search visibility.
  2. SEO Performance Evaluation: Evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO strategies by monitoring the count of Unique Pages over time, with increases suggesting successful optimization efforts across various parts of your site.
  3. User Engagement Insights: Gain insights into user interests and content preferences by examining which pages are frequently serving as landing pages from search, guiding content development and optimization strategies.
  4. Navigation and Site Structure Optimization: Use data on Unique Pages to inform site structure and navigation improvements, ensuring that users can easily discover and access a broad range of content.
  5. Targeted Content Promotion: Identify high-potential but underperforming pages by analyzing Unique Pages with lower traffic, focusing promotional efforts to increase their visibility and engagement.

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