Discover new sources of organic search traffic by analyzing queries with relatively low search volume and competition levels. Use Google Looker Studio in order to find new keywords and filter them by search volume and clicks.

What Are The Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are search terms usually longer than the most frequently searched keywords (length= 3+ words) with less search volume, but with significantly higher conversion value as they are more specific. According to Ahrefs, the Long-Tail Keywords is the secret to get more organic traffic. They can drive high converting traffic to your website and increase the number of your organic conversions.

Short Tail Vs Long Tail Keywords on Data Studio - Data Bloo

How to Track The Long-Tail Keywords on Google Looker Studio?

Once you add your search console data to Looker Studio, there are two different ways to create a filter in order to separate the Long-Tail queries from the rest ones. For both ways you have to create a new dimension to capture the “Keyword Length”:

  1. Word Count Method 1
    • 1 word – WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Query, “^[a-zA-z0-9]+$”) -> “Long-Tail Keywords”
    • 2 words – WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Query, “^[a-zA-z0-9]+ [a-zA-z0-9]+$”) THEN “Long-Tail Keywords”
    • 3 words – WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Query, “^[a-zA-z0-9]+ [a-zA-z0-9]+ [a-zA-z0-9]+$”) THEN “Long-Tail Keywords”
  2. Word Count Method 2
    • Word Length = LENGTH(REGEXP_REPLACE(Query, “[^tnfr ]”, “”)) + 1
    • 1 word – WHEN “Word Length”=1 THEN “Long-Tail Keywords”
    • 2 words – WHEN “Word Length”=2 THEN “Long-Tail Keywords”
    • 3 words – WHEN “Word Length”=3 THEN “Long-Tail Keywords”

Here you will find the original article that explains both ways in more detail.

Insights About The Long-Tail Keywords

By using the above custom dimension you can easily track the performance of Long-Tail Keywords compared to Short-Tail Keywords in terms of Search Console KPIs such as impressions, clicks, CTR and avg position.

Additionally you can analyze the Long-Tail Keywords over the time and identify hidden opportunities for content optimization. For example you can create a piece of content optimized around high converting keywords or add these keywords to your existing content. In our table below, there is an increase in positions for keywords such as “google data studio seo report template” or “google data studio templates seo” , so this is a good signal to focus on creating content around them.

Long Tail Keywords on Data Studio - Data Bloo

Are you looking for a Long-Tail Keywords Dashboard?

You can check the “All-in-one Search Console Template” that shows the performance of your Long-Tail Keywords.

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