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Google Looker Studio Community Visualizations - Data Bloo

4 Looker Studio Community Visualizations to use in your Reports

Analytics has become a crucial component for 60% of businesses worldwide. With its ability to streamline operations and drive better business decisions, it’s no wonder it has gained such widespread reliance. However, let’s face it – numbers can be dull. … Read More

Google Looker Studio Buttons - Data Bloo

How to Use Google Looker Studio Buttons Effectively and Efficiently

As businesses increasingly rely on data analysis to make informed decisions, the importance of clear and concise reports becomes more critical. Unfortunately, reports are often dense and difficult to navigate. When that happens, it can be difficult to understand the insights reports … Read More

Optimizing Your Reports with Looker Studio Optional Metrics - Data Bloo

Optimizing Your Reports with Looker Studio Optional Metrics

Data analytics plays a huge role in business success. They allow you to assess your business strategy, personalize your customer experience, and streamline your operations. This all saves you time and money, so your business works as efficiently as possible. … Read More

Looker Studio Conditional Formatting - Data Bloo

Simplify Your Reports with Looker Studio Conditional Formatting

At the 2022 Google Cloud Next virtual conference, Google announced something big. Just three years after acquiring the data and analytics platform, Looker, it has finally merged all its business intelligence features and tools under one product: Google Looker Studio. Among … Read More

GA4 BigQuery - Data Bloo

GA4 BigQuery: A No-Code Integration for Advanced Analytics

Are you looking for a way to make data processing easier and faster for your online business? Are you still struggling with the GA4 quota issues on Looker Studio? Then, no-code integration between BigQuery and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) could … Read More

Looker Studio Explorer - Data Bloo

Discover the Secrets of Data Analysis with Looker Studio Explorer

Did you know that the amount of data created daily is estimated to be 1.1 trillion MB? Data analysis is a crucial component of modern business operations. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and learn more about their operations. However, … Read More

PPC Marketing Templates - Data Bloo

PPC Marketing Templates: 6 Tips for Creating Powerful Reports on Looker Studio

Have you ever coveted a shiny new laptop on your phone only to see it popping up everywhere a day later? While people might openly complain about having to see targeted ads on social media platforms, we cannot deny how … Read More

Speed Up Your Looker Studio Reports - Data Bloo

Speed Up Your Looker Studio Reports: 4 Proven Techniques

It’s the data and analytics age and by all indications, Google is leading the charge. Google Data Studio was released in 2016 and has set the standard for the way individuals and companies examine their data. The name of the platform was … Read More

Client Dashboard - Data Bloo

3 Simple Rules for a Client Dashboard

Currently, around 68% of businesses utilize some sort of digital marketing, and this number is growing year after year. A solid client report system is an essential part of digital marketing. Having access to a client dashboard will give you insightful performance … Read More

10 Tips for Making the Most of Google My Business Insights - Data Bloo

10 Tips for Making the Most of Google My Business Insights

Did you know that a typical business gets about 59 actions from its GMB listing? Google My Business allows local businesses to increase their visibility. However, to capture valuable, organic traffic analyzing your Google My Business analytics is essential. These insights can … Read More

Creating a Google Looker Studio Custom Report - Data Bloo

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Google Looker Studio Custom Report

Did you know that over 55% of all websites use Google Analytics for site content optimization? Google Analytics is a powerful tool for analyzing and improving your website content. However, its interface can be confusing for novice users. On the other hand, … Read More

Google Looker Studio Report Navigation

2 Ways to Design the Perfect Looker Studio Report Navigation

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a Looker Studio (previously known as Data Studio) report can be worth that amount of words multiplied many times over. With features that let you set up Google Looker Studio Page … Read More