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Google Data Studio Dimension vs Metric

Google Data Studio Dimension vs Metric

Data visualizations use elements of design to do what our brain does naturally: create order.  Instinctively, we seek to find the most obvious patterns taking the quickest way to get there. Our brains like to find shortcuts. While interpretation remains … Read More

Google Data Studio Pivot Table - Data Bloo

The Anatomy of a Data Studio Pivot Table

Spreadsheets seem very one-dimensional if you don’t know how to use them. They offer a valuable tool that functions as a baseline for extracting data to present and create visualizations. People who have experience using spreadsheets know how to use … Read More

Google Data Studio Maps

Getting the Most Out of Google Data Studio Maps

When you read the news or study most educational content, you have likely encountered a wide variety of map charts. Specifically, maps offer an interesting way to present data in a way that connects certain categories of data or values … Read More

Google Data Studio Date Format

Data Studio Date Format Explained

Do you design presentations for your business or team projects? If so, you should check out Google Data Studio to make custom graphs and charts that stand out. The key to effective visualizations is consistency and uniformity. Choosing the right … Read More

Google Data Studio Drill Down

An In-Depth Look Into Data Studio Drill Down

Data analysis involves a good eye and a knack for storytelling. You want graphs, charts, tables, and all other visualizations to follow a narrative path. Controlling how you present data broadly as well as focusing on more specific groups lets … Read More

Your Guide to Data Studio Filters - Data Bloo

Your Guide to Data Studio Filters

Currently, the world produces roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. Can you imagine what that amount of data would look like? Neither can we. So you have to take an unimaginable pile of data that accumulates at an ever-increasing … Read More

Content Grouping in Google Analytics - Data Bloo

Understanding Content Grouping in Google Analytics

Understanding which type of content can effectively grab a visitor’s attention is crucial to growing your visitors and increasing conversions. You can get a deeper understanding of how your website is performing by taking advantage of content grouping in Google Analytics. In this … Read More

How to measure an Email Marketing Funnel - Data Bloo

How to Measure Your Email Marketing Funnel

It’s often helpful to think of your online business in terms of funnels.  Funnels are a great visualization that makes it simple to understand how readers of your content become more engaged with your brand and eventually become paying customers. … Read More

Share Google Data Studio Reports

3 Ways to Share Google Data Studio Reports

Google Data Studio is a free powerful tool that allows you to create reports that will translate your marketing data into business decisions! This software allows you to combine multiple data sources and blend your business data in just one … Read More

Designing a Google Analytics 4 Dashboard - Data Bloo

Designing a Google Analytics 4 Dashboard

Google Analytics, the #1 web analytics platform on the web, has become the most valuable tool for digital marketers who are searching for insights into traffic acquisition, user behavior, and business outcomes (Avinash’s Measurement Model). Many professionals depend on Google … Read More

Google Data Studio Data Blending - Data Bloo

Google Data Studio Data Blending

Google Data Studio data blending is the perfect way to upgrade your digital reports. This unique feature has been recently updated and allows you to accomplish advanced data manipulation in less time. If you are new to this, we have … Read More

Store Performance Dashboard - Data Bloo

The Key Elements of A Store Performance Dashboard

A store performance dashboard has become a necessity for all retail stores. If you own an online retail store, it is important to be able to analyze its performance. From checking the number of visitors your site is receiving every … Read More

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