Ecommerce Looker Studio Templates

Find Looker Studio templates for your ecommerce sales and revenue. Use Google Analytics, WooCommerce and Stripe to connect them with Looker Studio and monitor the sales trends of your ecommerce over time. The dashboards are designed for business owners, ecommerce managers and agencies.

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How to Set Up Ecommerce Report Templates

One of the advantages of our Ecommerce report templates is that they can be used right out-of-box with no manual installation required. The entire process will take you less than a minute and is covered in this video:

What Ecommerce Metrics Are Most Important To Track?

There’s so many ecommerce KPI to track that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss valuable information. 

For that reason, let’s group ecommerce metrics and offer suggestions on what ecommerce ecommerce looker templates best use in your scenario. 

You can read a detailed breakdown of the most important ecommerce KPIs in this article.

Funnel Efficiency

This group of metrics lets you quickly understand how efficient you are in converting your visitors into customers. Most common metrics are below:


Revenue metrics either indicate ecommerce revenue directly, break revenue into several streams, or correlate with revenue more directly than other metrics.


Any metrics related to costs and expenses, such as cost of acquisition, cost per click, cost per impression, cost per leads, and so on.

What Ecommerce Template Should You Choose? 

Template #1. Ecommerce Conversion Funnel Template

Ecommerce conversion funnel template for Looker Studio is designed for comprehensive tracking and analysis of the customer journey through the ecommerce conversion funnel.

GA4 Ecommerce Conversion Funnel Template - Technology - Data Bloo

Choose this template to:

This reporting template will help you answer the following questions: 

Template #2: GA4 Ecommerce Revenue Template

GA4 e commerce revenue reporting template offers a detailed view of revenue metrics and their performance over time in an ecommerce setting.

GA4 Ecommerce Revenue Template - Overview - Data Bloo

Choose this template to:

What questions GA4 ecommerce revenue template answers:

Template #3: GA4 Periodic Revenue Template

Periodic revenue template provides an in-depth analysis of revenue streams over set periods, offering tactical insights into sales performance and product popularity.

Periodic Revenue Template - Quarter - Data Bloo

Choose this template to:

What questions it answers:

How Do I Set Up Automated Ecommerce Reporting With Looker Studio?

When you start using any of our ecommerce looker templates, it will automatically connect to required data streams (such as GA4 or Google Search Console)  and fill the report with your data. 

Additionally, Looker Studio allows scheduling automated reporting in your email inbox. 

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