Google Data Studio can prove to be very helpful for you if you work with large amounts of data. This tool can save both time and money and makes it much easier for you to assess all the data you have collected from different sources

Previously you saw several benefits of using the Google Data Studio. But would it benefit you personally? Should you learn to use the Google Data Studio to visualize and analyze your company’s data?

If you are new to it and not sure whether or not you should use Google Data Studio, we have created a guide that can help you figure it out. We have made a list of fields that can benefit greatly from using the Google Data Studio.

So read on, as we discuss the different types of businesses and industries that can make the most out of the amazing features of the Google Data Studio.

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What companies can use Google Data Studio?

Is it worth your time and money to learn how to use Google Data Studio or hire someone who can? That is the question most business owners and digital marketing managers are confused about. If you are also not sure whether or not to start using Google Data Studio in your company, we are here to help.

It is mostly being used by small and medium businesses. Let’s take a look at the type of companies that can benefit greatly from using the Google Data Studio.


One of the biggest share of Google Data Studio’s users come from e-commerce businesses. E-commerce and online retail stores have to continuously monitor their sales, customer behavior, and the traffic on websites. Using Google Data Studio allows such companies to quickly visualize the data from the website in real-time. The dynamic tool can help you keep track of new data as soon as it is added to your database (Google Analytics, Shopify, Woocommerce etc.)

Marketing and Advertising

After ecommerce managers and owners, it is the marketing and advertising agencies who regularly need to assess data collected from different sources like Google and Facebook Ads. Their main focus is on the analysis and attribution of the  marketing channels, so they can further optimize their ads spending. Google Data Studio is being used widely by media agencies, advertising companies, and other such organizations. They can use it to customize presentations and watch trends. 

Computer Software Companies

Another industry can benefit from Google Data Studio is Computer Software. The software developers need to use large amounts of data, sort through it, and analyze the trends. That’s where Google Data Studio comes in handy. If you have a company that’s working on software development, then Google Data Studio is the best tool for data interpretation.

Information and Technology Services

The companies that offer IT services are also benefiting greatly from the brilliant features offered by the Google Data Studio. These companies are using Google Data Studio to make visually appealing reports from the collected data and sharing them with their customers and other stakeholders through the tool.

Financial Services

Companies offering financial services such as providing loans, consultations and credit card companies all use Google Data Studio to keep track of their data. If you are working in Fintech or offer any other financial service you should utilize the capabilities of Google Data Studio as well. 

Education Management

Lastly, the companies that work on education management and higher education also make use of the Google Data Studio. You can also use it to make reports from your data and share it with all the stakeholders involved.

Individuals & Other Companies

If you are working in any of the above mentioned fields, you can use the Google Data Studio to save your time and make detailed reports with the collected data. However, the uses of Google Data Studio are not just limited to the above mentioned fields. Any company, or an individual that has a digital presence (website, blog, social media etc.) and works with data, can use the free cloud-based tool to make better decisions about their businesses quickly.

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