3 Ways to Share Google Data Studio Reports

Google Data Studio is a free powerful tool that allows you to create reports that will translate your marketing data into business decisions! This software allows you to combine multiple data sources and blend your business data in just one place.

In order to take full advantage of this tool, make sure to be familiar with all of its useful functionalities. In this post, we will walk through on:

  1. how to download the whole report or specific pages/slides in a PDF file
  2. how to export the raw data of your dashboard in a spreadsheet / excel for further deep-dive
  3. how to use the built-in email functionality to send your data via automatic email delivery

Ready to explore all the possible ways you can share your data out of Google Data Studio? Keep reading!

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How to Download a Data Studio Report

Whether you want to have your report printed to brainstorm with your team, or you have been asked to send it as an attachment one thing is sure: Your Data Studio report can be easily downloaded as a PDF and let you save or print a snapshot of your data!

Steps for downloading the report as a PDF

  1. Login to your Google account and find the report you want to download.
  2. Hover over the header of the report and click on “Share” (down arrow), then select “Download Report Download“.
  3. Choose between the complete report (All Pages) or specific sections of it (Select Pages). If you select specific pages, make sure to mark all the pages you want to download.
  4. Configure the additional options such as passport protection and report link in PDF.
  5. Click on “Download” and you are ready!
Export as a pdf - Data Bloo

Your data studio report is downloaded to your computer and you are ready to use it offline or archive it on your disk for future work.

How to Export Data in Google Data Studio

Apart from downloading your report in a PDF, you can easily export your data from specific charts and tables in your report. This functionality enables you to further analyze your raw data in a spreadsheet or a CVS file just in 5 steps.

Steps for exporting data from a chart

  1. Open the report.
  2. Hover over the chart or the table you wish to export.
  3. Right-click on the chart or click More options. and select Export (make sure you have edit access to this report – otherwise you cannot select this option).
  4. Choose whether you want to download the data as a CVS file or export the data to a Google Sheet.
  5. Select the Keep value formatting option if you wish to retain the number and date formats applied in Data Studio in the exported data.
Export data from a chart - Data Bloo

If you do not wish other people to be able to export data from your report, you can always change it from the sharing options.

How to Schedule Email Delivery in Google Data Studio

As we previously mentioned, there are times you want to send your work to your teammates, and downloading the data studio report as a PDF is something very easy!

Now that you learned how to download google data studio reports, let’s have a look at how to share these reports on a regular basis through an email. Just follow the steps:

Steps for scheduling email report

  1. View the report you want to schedule.
  2. In the top-right of the report select “Share“, and then click on “Schedule email delivery“.
  3. Customize your email by adding the recipients, the subject line, and your message.
  4. Select the report pages you want to include in the email.
  5. Schedule the date and the time you wish to begin sending the report.
  6. Set the delivery frequency.
Schedule Email Delivery in Google Data Studio - Data Bloo

Scheduling email delivery is a feature that can save time for you and your team and let you share all the important data on a regular basis.

For Data Studio email delivery remember that you must be the owner or the editor of the report you wish to share.

Change the email delivery

Once you have configured the email delivery for your report, you can easily edit or delete the specific send-out. In order to do that, you should open the “Schedule email delivery” window and you can either click “Edit schedule” to change the existing email delivery settings or delete it by clicking “Delete schedule” as shown below.

Change the email delivery data studio - Data Bloo

Data Studio Email Report Example

Email delivery is a great feature of Google Data Studio that allows you to expand your reporting capabilities. For instance, you can create a Data Studio Email Report that is fully optimized for newsletter layout, so you can receive your (or your clients’) business updates in your mailbox regularly. Here is an example that we have created for Weekly Ecommerce Overview.

Mobile Schedule Email Delivery in Google Data Studio - Data Bloo
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