Top 6 Google Looker Studio Templates to use right now

At the Cloud Next 2022 conference, Google announced the launch of the Looker Studio, a combination of the backend power of Looker with the easy-to-use interface of Data Studio. By unifying these two platforms, Google provides a really powerful business intelligence tool that could help companies tell great stories with Google Looker Studio templates.

Looker Studio 🚀 = Looker ⚙️ + Data Studio 📊​

Here you can check the new product in 60 seconds as shown on the official demo of Google.

Key Features of Looker Studio

Some important elements of the new BI platform are:

  • the available data sources, that users can take advantage of the wide variety of 800 sources.
  • the user-friendly builder (drag-and-drop), with which users can utilize charts and graphs in order to create compelling data reports.
  • the report embedding, which gives users the functionality to share the Looker Studio reports with others or even embed them in any web page environment.
  • the Looker Studio API, with which enterprises can automate the management of their assets. [NEW]
  • the introduction of an enterprise version, Looker Studio Pro, that big companies can use management features such as collaboration tools, and service-level agreements. [NEW]
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Top Google Looker Studio Templates

One of the key features of Looker Studio is the Report Library, as the users can choose from a wide variety of ready-to-use templates and visualize their data fast and without any extra effort. Having designed the top-notch reports in the official gallery, we compiled a list with the top 6 Google Looker Studio templates that anyone can use right now in order to take advantage of this new powerful tool.


Source: Google Analytics 4

Analytics4now is a Google Looker Studio template that integrates the Google Analytics 4 data with the standard interface of Universal Analytics. By using Analytics4now you can access a familiar layout with the standard audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversion views you used to have in Universal Analytics. It will save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you are working on the migration to GA4 and you are not familiar with its new interface.

Looker Studio Template - Data Bloo

Multi-Channel Template

Source: Google Analytics (UA, GA4), Google Ads, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads (via Google Sheets)

Looker Studio Template URL

This is a 47-page Google Looker Studio template tailored for online businesses, covering the following areas: website overview, e-commerce activity, and organic/paid marketing. You can analyze the overall performance of your business by combining data from GA, Search Console, and Google & Facebook Ads. Apart from these powerful data sources, this dashboard provides great UX navigation, with a toggle between the YoY and PoP comparison, drill-down menus, and optional metrics, that allow you to deep dive even further into the KPIs that matter to your business.

Looker Studio Template - Data Bloo

Google Search Console Template

Source: Google Search Console

Looker Studio Template URL

This Google Looker Studio Template uses Search Console for the overall performance of your organic search keywords on Google. The report provides a holistic view at a keyword level, including keyword distribution (Top 3, Top 10, Top 20, and rest) and brand vs non-brand breakdown. Additionally, you can spot patterns with the most searched / trending keywords and identify the top landing pages of your business that are related to those queries.

Keyword Analysis Data Studio Template - Keyword Ranking

Google Ads Template

Source: Google Ads

Looker Studio Template URL

This Google Ads Looker Studio template displays the main key performance indicators of your paid search activity. It summarizes your ads performance on Google split by campaign type, keyword quality, location, audience, and competition. By using this 10-page report you can decrease your cost of sales and monitor closely the total spending of your accounts.

Google Looker Studio Template - Data Bloo

Facebook Ads Template

Source: Facebook Ads

Looker Studio Template URL

The Facebook Ads Looker Studio template showcases the performance of your paid activities across Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger). You can efficiently track the main KPIs of your Facebook Ads campaigns, split by ads visibility, conversion, acquisition, and cost. Additionally, you can pull actionable insights about the behavior of your audience (location, demographics) and spot performance trends over time. The most important part of this report is that it does not require any paid subscription, as it uses Google Spreadsheets to access the Facebook Ads data.

Google Data Studio Templates in 2021

Google Analytics 4 Template

Source: Google Analytics 4

Looker Studio Template URL

The GA4 Looker Studio report uses Google Analytics 4 as a data source to monitor the overall performance of your website with the new version of GA. This user-level dashboard monitors your e-commerce activity along with the top-selling products, your users’ interactions, and the top behavior events. By using this template, you can easily move to your GA4 without stress and have a pretty straightforward overview of your business in seconds.

Google Looker Studio Template - Data Bloo

If you haven’t decided yet which of these templates suit better your reporting needs, take a look at our Google Looker Studio Templates. You can find dashboards based on the data source, the company type, and your role.

In case you have any custom requests, please send us a message.

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