Complete Guide To Google Data Studio Pricing

Google Data Studio is a great BI solution to help you create top-notch reports for your business that can be easily shared with your internal and external stakeholders. Although it is completely free, it can be a little complicating when it comes to the extra costs.

For this reason, we have created a detailed guide for Google Data Studio pricing regarding the costs of data connectors, community visualizations, and templates. So if you are wondering how much you need to spend on using the data sources, charts, and reports, you are in the right place.

What is the Cost of using Google Data Studio?

The good news is that Google Data Studio is a free tool, compared to other BI solutions. It is easily available for everyone to use on the Internet. All you have to do is to create a Google account and open the Google Data Studio. You can use this cloud-based tool to make stunning dashboards and bring your data to life with all the data visualization elements. The best thing about Google Data Studio is that it is part of the Google Cloud Platform and can be used anywhere, for no extra cost.

However, you might need to spend money on extra features such as data connectors. That being said, there are some extra costs that you should consider if you want to automate your reporting using non-Google data sources. For example, in case you want to connect your social media data from Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tik Tok with Google Data Studio, then most probably you will have to pay a subscription fee to 3rd party platforms.

3 Google Data Studio Pricing Categories

Before starting with the cost, let’s underline the three different cost categories associated with Google Data Studio.

  1. Data Connectors
    • it answers your question “what data sources do I need for my report?” and “for how many accounts, websites and clients do I need access?”.
  2. Community Visualizations
    • It answer you question “what type of charts and graphs do I want to include in my report?”.
  3. Templates
    • it answer your questions “do I want to desing my own template from scratch?” and “how much resources and time will it take to do it?”.

Google Data Studio Pricing for Data Connectors

As previously described, there are two types of data connectors:

  1. Organic Data Studio Connectors – Native data connectors that Google has developed for its own data sources such as Google AnalyticsGoogle AdsGoogle Search Console, and Youtube.
  2. Paid Data Studio Connectors – 3rd-party data connectors that have been developed from other companies in order to connect data from social media platforms, SEO tools, and other softwares with Data Studio.

As this guide is related to pricing, we will focus entirely on the second category of Paid Connectors. We have made a list with all the top 5 available options you have:

  1. Supermetrics
  2. Power My Analytics
  3. Tap Clicks
  5. Porter Metrics

As you might imagine, each company has completely different pricing based on some criteria such as

  • Number of Data Sources (How many data sources do you want to connect with Data Studio)
  • Type of Data Sources (What data sources are available for Data Studio)
  • Number of Accounts (How many different accounts do you want per data source – for instance an agency has many different accounts / clients)
  • Number of Users (How many users do you want to have access to the connectors).

Google Data Studio Pricing for Templates

You can either make reports in Google Data Studio from scratch, or you can get the ready-to-use templates to make reports. This will not only save your time but also allow you to make reports that impress all the stakeholders.

While you can use the Google Data Studio free of cost, not everyone has the time or expertise to create detailed data analysis reports. For this, it becomes essential to purchase ready-to-use templates from trusted companies such as Data Bloo (#1 contributor of the official Google Data Studio Gallery, as the majority of its reports have been featured by Google). You can check the available templates from the Google Data Studio Gallery and find those that fit your reporting requirements. 

These templates contain the graphical elements you need to visualize your data, and easily allow you to connect with different data sources. If you invest in a ready-to-use template for Google Data Studio you can save a lot of time and focus more on the things that matter to your reporting such as business insights and decisions.

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