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PPC Marketing Templates: 6 Tips for Creating Powerful Reports on Looker Studio

Have you ever coveted a shiny new laptop on your phone only to see it popping up everywhere a day later? While people might openly complain about having to see targeted ads on social media platforms, we cannot deny how … Read More

Google Looker Studio Templates - Data Bloo

Top 8 Google Looker Studio Templates to use right now

At the Cloud Next 2022 conference, Google announced the launch of the Looker Studio, a combination of the backend power of Looker with the easy-to-use interface of Data Studio. By unifying these two platforms, Google provides a really powerful business … Read More

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Google Looker Studio Data Blending

Google Looker Studio data blending is the perfect way to upgrade your digital reports. This unique feature has been recently updated and allows you to accomplish advanced data manipulation in less time. If you are new to this, we have … Read More

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Best Google Data Studio Templates in 2022

Building manually from scratch custom reports can be really frustrating. With Google Data Studio Templates, you will benefit from automated marketing insights and clean data visualizations for your marketing campaigns anytime, anywhere. Are you looking for ready to use Dashboards? … Read More

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Monitor Google Ads With Data Studio Template

How to Monitor Your Google Ads Business owners often face difficulties while managing their marketing campaign metrics. Integrating all the data regarding your campaign can be a task. Now imagine if you could visualize all that data in an attractive … Read More

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Data Studio Reports for Agencies

Are you looking for Data Studio Reports for Agencies? You are in the right place. Modern agencies should differentiate themselves and improve client relationships with aesthetically pleasing reports rather that boring templates in Excel or Power Point. Whether it’s web … Read More

9+ Data Studio Templates for Ecommerce - Data Bloo

9+ Data Studio Templates for Ecommerce

Want to tell great stories about the performance of your Ecommerce? You can use these Data Studio templates in order to automate your reporting process and get actionable insights about your overall digital activity. 1) Google Analytics Audit Data Source: Google … Read More


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